Green Screen Explained

Outstanding Quality Photography

On the Spot Memories specializes in high-quality, event photography with 5x7 photos printed on the spot within minutes. With the latest DSLR cameras, computer equipment, green-screen software and Sony high-speed printers, we can produce the exceptional quality you deserve for your most important events and special guests. 

Custom backgrounds tailored to your event

Prior to the event, you are given the opportunity to select up to 4 backgrounds tailored specifically to your event theme or location, as well as a personalized signature message or logo. Your guests are then able to select the background of their choice before the photo is printed.

Click here to learn about Green Screen. →  What is Green Screen?

Props and costumes

Our service includes a variety of hats and props for your guests to choose from. Kids and adults alike, love hamming it up for the camera dressed in the costumes and posing with the props.

Instant prints

Unlimited prints are presented to your guests in cardstock quality frames in minutes from our high speed printers. All images are also saved and available for purchase on-line or on a CD after the event.  Click here to learn what to expect before, during and after your event. → See how it works here.

Multiple Framing Choices

Whether your guests want framed pictures, on magnets or key chains, our services can be tailor-made to suit your guests' preferences for take home keepsakes.  Additional photo frame options are also available in Lucite.

Special Celebrity Guests (Real or Impostors)

Our selection of life-size celebrity props can add a special effect for your event.  Whether it is the kids’ favorite singer or an adult’s favorite politician, they can motivate and excite your guests to visit the Green Screen for their personal take-home memento.

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